Why VIP Shares?


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I´ll try to explain why VIP shares give you more then a quick ROI

The price of a VIP share is $8.79 of this 10% is normally going to you
as an affiliate and also there is normally a 10% coupon on the price.

Already the price is down to $7 per VIP share.

If you are an affiliate you can also make 10% of all affiliate
business you promote for us giving you cash in your hand. A 50 pack of
VIP shares give you about $39.55 in affiliate with some discount for
the investor.

What do you now get for the $7?

You get 5 x 1 GH mining shares = $ 0.69 per share x 5 = $ 3.45 that
pays with todays value (2015-03-02) for 1 year $ 4.97

So now we are at about $ 2 and what do you get for that?

Well you get a share of 25% of the company profit for as long as we
are running the business.

Lets look at our start-up example: When we are at the first PH of
miners then our total VIP shares are equal to 0.5 PH. That means that
the company is mining with 0.5 PH for the company profit.
0.5 PH is worth about $496.000 in mining bitcoins with todays
(2015-03-02) value.
25% of this is $ 124.000.
You have 1/100.000 of that with your VIP share making it worth about $ 1.24.

So now we have $ 0.76 left of your initial investment in your VIP
share that you haven’t been paid for.

Well do you think we will stop with 1 PH? No, we will not. We will
reinvest a lot of our profit into the business and mining, making you
even more money. and there will be a next year and a next year after
We will also offer you as a VIP good deals on mining shares in the future.

We will try to get other mining companies to use our facilities so we
host them making you as a VIP share holder more money.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and we want to build
a solid and stable platform for it to be mined on with your help also
making you money on both your VIP share and your future mining shares.
We want to provide a mining company that you know exists and you can
visit if you want.

But we need your help so please invest in the VIP shares so we can
build the farm as we have planed together with you.

If you got questions please email me at [email protected]

With regards
Mining Sweden LLC

*all calculations are estimates and can be changed and should only be
used as a guideline how to calculate with the VIP Shares. You should
also make your own estimates for the investment.