As you all know the halving has occurred and as you probably also know KNC has closed down their operation in Sweden due to that it is not profitable to mine bitcoin in Sweden anymore. The cost is to high and if we would continue with the miners we would need to file for bankruptcy but since we closed down miners we don’t have any cost for them only to get the payouts that has been processed in your accounts.

These accumulated payouts will be paid in time to you as we can start generating income from other solutions to cover your accumulated payouts but from today there will be no more accumulations to any accounts.

I´m really sorry for this but Bitcoin mining is not easy and the high difficulty makes it impossible to continue running the mining operation. If you understand how mining works you will see this.

With regards




First I need to say I´m sorry for the delay in responses from me but it has been a lot of work this weekend and also I have been getting a lot of email that has started me to rethink why I´m doing this and you will get more information about this in the following information.

About the VIP shares

During the last year we used all our extra power and miners to give you users more back wile the payouts still was higher since everyone in bitcoin mining knew that the payouts would go down due to higher mining difficulty.

The result of this you have seen in the payout spread that I have posted in the news before.


Giving you user a much higher payout as a user.

On the negative side of this we haven’t build any profit in the company and we have also burnt out both the miners and capital for running the farm further.

So what I´m saying is that you have been given the profit for your VIP shares during the last year.

You are probably upset about this but if you think of it and check the payout spreadsheet you will see that it has been better to get the payouts at a higher payout rate then now when it is getting even lower.

So this year there will not be any other payouts then the extra payouts that has already been paid.

Now about the payouts

I have got some emails during this weekend that has made me think about why I´m doing this. And after the kind of emails I have got I have decided to close down the mining operation and that will effect the payouts as they are today.

What I will do is to run the payouts in the system until the halving of the bitcoin production when I expect the S7 miners will be totally out of the game.

This means that we can´t payout as regular as we have been doing up to now but we will eventually payout all that your account has been accumulating in the payouts up to the day when the halving is done and we will stop the payouts.

The payouts will follow the bitcoin difficulty.

How we will pay for the payouts? We will sell out miners to cover some of the costs and I also have some other interesting ideas within crypto how we can generate the payouts to you guys and I promise you that we will deliver the payouts to you even if it takes some time.

I don’t expect anyone of you to understand my choice but all the negative energy has finally taken me down on this.

So my focus will now be on getting you all the payouts so the MS site will stay online and you will be able to follow your payouts in the system and also follow updates on the news page.

I don’t have the energy to answer angry emails, sorry but I don’t have the energy for that.

I´m sorry for this but I have tried as hard as I can to provide a solid platform but Bitcoin mining is not easy in any way.

OBS. Mining Sweden is not closing down it´s business so your VIP shares will hopefully be worth much more next year when we have other business in MS, it is only our Mining operation that is closing down

Your friend

Work with the new payout script is going forward and we hope to have it online soon :)

Also the work with the books are progressing well :)



We have now tried all we can do with the plugin and we can’t get it to work so the next step for us is to update the system and after that write a new plugin for the payouts.

We expect the plugin to be done and tested and ready for payouts on Monday the 23:d

We know what we will do until then but I hope you will have a nice weekend and we see you on Monday :)



Update on payout plugin and VIP Shares:

We have downgraded the plugins we upgraded, problem is we don’t really know exactly what the old plugin version was so it is a bit of trial and error at the moment.

Still we need to have all upgrades on the plugins to make the site safe and stable so we are now at the idea that we should update the whole system and re write the payout plugin to get it working again but we have still som small tests to try first before we do that.

Really sorry about this but we are working on it and please check here for info and update.

Also a good news is that I expect us to be done with the books this weekend and will publish the result for your VIP shares on the 25:th of Maj :)


2016-05-17   23:16

Payout update:

We have now started to downgrade the updates to try to find the problem and from that get the payouts online again.

No ones payouts has been changed since the databas for it is intact and running.

I do really hope we will get everything back as it should be tomorrow

Really sorry for this but we are working hard to find the bug. Leason learned from this is to not update a lot of plugins at the same time before checking the system is running as they should.

with regards



Payout update:

Hello, we will start making some small test payouts from the system today to see if the plugin works as it should to get it back at full operational again if it does as it should. But as always we are working hard to get it solved :)

with regards



Yesterday you can really say it was a Friday the 13th, I updated my phone that f-cked ut my Google Authenticatior that I use for the payout wallet.

Well that was fixed today but we also made some system updates a few days ago and now the Payout script shows strange features like I see the payment sent but the users doesn’t see that and also the payouts hasn’t been sent to them but so we are now checking to get the system corrected. Problem is that our script guy is not back until Monday  so we expect the system to be corrected and started to payout again on Monday evening.

Really sorry for this but computers sometimes have their own life and also the payout script is made by us and not a standard script that sometimes doesn’t like other upgrades.

with regards

Hello my friends!

I have been getting a lot of questions on how I know that the S9 miners are soon out on the market.

I hade an email conversation on the 5:th of May with a person that I meet with when I was in china to visit them in January.

I asked him where the promised new miners S8 had gone that was supposed to come on to the market not long after my visit there. He answered me that they will be out on the market in 10 days and they will be called S9. And if they say it then I must trust that it is so.

I then made a price estimate comparing previous models of miners and have set an estimated pricing on the share in the shop that you can pre order and will be activated as soon as we get the miners up and running.

If you don’t believe me, you can send me an email and I will send you the email so you can see for your self.

Not. If I have priced the shares in the shop to high so they should be lower when we know the exact price of the S9 miners then we will add more share to your order.

If (I hope not) the price is too low in the shop and should have been higher, well then congratulations to you since you will keep your shares as they are.

This said, we will adjust the prices when Bitmain releases their new S9 mininers and none of you will have paid to much for it, maybe to little but then it is my problem.

So get your S9 Shares today and we hope that it soon will be up and running! :)

With regards




Just want to update you on the work with the books and the process for the VIP shares.
The work was more extensive then I hade expected since every Payout to users needs to be booked and only they are over 22.000 posts and each of them needs to be valued at the day they where paid. And there i other similar  things that needs to be booked and that takes a long time to get into the books.

So I know that I said that I hoped to have some info to you in the end of last month but when I made that promisse I didn’t expect that much work as it is so it will still be several weeks until the books are closed and we now any result.

I´m sorry for this but we are working on it.




A lot of you are really upset that we have adjusted the payouts to the current payout rate according to the current difficulty of bitcoin mining.

See for more info about it.

What Some of you don’t seem to understand is that you have been paid a lot more than we would have needed to payout to you since we have had more power that we paid to you as extra instead of following the difficulty for payouts.

For you that doesn’t seem to understand (not all of you) how bitcoin mining works there is a difficulty on how many bitcoins is produced and when the bitcoin price goes up more people turn on their miners and there is more that wants a piece of the cake. Then it gets harder to get a piece and payouts are then lower and also makes the payout to you smaller.

If you check this diagram you will see what you should have been paid and how much we have paid to you!



The red line is how much we have paid and the blue line is what you should have got if you had your own miner.

Also if you don’t understand that diagram you might understand next that shows how much more in percent that you have been paid.


To clarify it in numbers for you here is a calculation also:

If you bought 100GH of mining on the 4th of September 2015 you should today have recived a total of 0,1323 btc totay if you have had your own miner that was running 25/7 at 100% without bad pool performance or any down time at all.

You have now from MiningSweden recived 0.2024 btc for your 100GH of mining power.

That is 53% more then we needed to payout.

Also to show you if you have made ROI in the MiningShares bought on 15th October.

The price for 20GH miningshare was 11,4 USD. The total payout until today is 0.03211 btc and at todays btc price that is worth 14,77 USD.

That means that you have got 129,6% back on your investment bought in October.

All of this we have done for YOU to get more out of your investment and we have tried to do it as much as we can BUT we are not magicians and when the old miners only cost money to run then we need to close them down and that effect the payouts.





As you know bitcoin mining is dependent of the mining difficulty.
We have now closed down our S5 miners since they are not profitable to run anymore and that also takes out the extra payouts that our users have got as payouts.

So from now we are only paying according to the mining difficulty

With regards



Several of you have seen that the balance has gone down to minus in your accounts.

We found a problem on the new server with the transaction plugin that made transactions to users accounts 2 time per hour instead of one.

This gave all users dubble payment to the accounts and we corrected the balance and if you have made withdraw your account ended up at minus. You have actually got paid in advanced.

Now the bug is corrected and all accounts balance are corrected.

With regards




The transaction plugin is now back online again and at the next transaction (17:00 Swedish time) all balances will be back at the correct amounts again :)

Thank you for your patience, now we should be fully back online again. If you find something please send me an email and I´ll look at it :)

with regards



We are at the moment having some problems with the transaction plugin that loads users balance.

This is due to some updates in other plugins that we made for the new server and now we also need to adjust the transaction plugin that we have.

As soon as this is fixed we will adjust your accounts for the transactions not sent to them.

with regards


BIG SALE and New Server!

Let´s empty the stock on VIP Shares!

Hello my friends!

First thanks for all support we have got from you during this server migration! :)
And thanks to my really good tech for all help!

The new server is now online and should be working much better then before :)
It might be some small problem that we have overseen but then we fix them as we go :)

Balance will be adjusted to correct balance tomorrow morning!

Now to another fun thing, the lottery winners from February!

The winners are:
Order nr: #7427, #7337 and #7290

The winners have got their share soon in their accounts :)

And now something even more fun!

You will now find VIP shares at 30% discount so we can sale out the stock of VIP Shares before the last of March!

And We also add a new lottery for the rest of the month with 5 x 100 VIP Shares that you can win.

The Lottery works like this:
This time you will be able to win 5 x 100 pack of VIP S7 Mining Shares
We will draw 5 numbers that has the chance to win One 100 pack of VIP S7 share and if you are really lucky you could win all three of them to your account :)
If your order wins and it is paid with crypto then you will get an extra 25% to your account!

It works like this:
Every order for a pack of 10 VIP S7 Shares gives you 1 number.
If you buy a pack of 50 VIP S7 Share you get 7 numbers
And if you buy a pack of 100 VIP S7 Shares you get 15 numbers

The lottery and coupon is running for the rest of March month :)

Now we are off to bed for a really nice sleep! :)

With regards



Update on Server and BIG Sale of VIP

Let´s Go Crypto!

Hello My friends!

Some updates on the server.

We have now been working more or less since yesterday with the migration and the new server is now online but you can’t still login to it.
We have moved all information to the new server and it seems to work good.
There are still some settings and updates to be made on it, we are also waiting for DNS and Cloud flare functions to eco out in the net.
We also notis a big change in accessibility and speed for the server, but on the other hand all of you users are not on it yet.

My plan is to have the server fully functioning tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon Swedish time (and then we will sleep the rest of the weekend).

I will announce the winners of February lottery tomorrow when we come online.

And I think we should run an new lottery to see if we all could help get the last 19.000 VIP Share out of stock at a really good discount 30% meaning that you almost only buy mining power and get the VIP share included :)

So get ready tomorrow and I will get things online and we will get the VIP shares out of stock before the last of March! :)

Now Back to work and thank you very much for all your nice emails, it is really nice to have that support from you users :)

And one more thing, I have started looking at Etherum mining, does anyone of you have a good mining hardware for it that could be used and would you users be interested in an Etherum farm?

With regards



We are migrating to a new better server!

So we are working on the problem!

Hello my friends!

It seems like the migration to a new server came much earlier then we expected.

As you probably know the site is down again with the same problem as the other day.
So we are now getting a new server for it that you can read about below.

I will keep you updated by these emails and will be focusing on getting the new server online.

We are working on it!

So this is what we are doing now:

First we need to get unlocked again to access the server without starting the webserver to be able to copy all information from it. We have backups but the absolute last information is on the server and that we can access.

We are at the same time starting the installation of the new dedicated server to get it online.

When we have both servers online we will start migrating all information from the old server to the new.

When information migration is done we will start testing all the systems to get everything running as it should for you to be able to login again.

When we are set we will direct the DNS and Cloudflare to the system and start getting you online again.

I don’t know how long time this process will take but it is a lot of things that we need to make sure that it is running correct but I will keep you informed by email!

Some information about the server:

The new server will be an dedicated server with 4 core i7 processor and 32 GB memory, 2x250GB SSD RAID disks.

The old server was to overloaded and to small, it was a shared server with 4 GB memory and a 2 core i5 processor.
Only the database containing the payout transactions to your accounts has over 8 million posts and grows with about 5000+ posts each hour.

You have probably got this line for some time now:
Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 2883584) (tried to allocate 94 bytes) in /home/realminers/www/wp-includes/option.php on line 173

Also a problem that we did see today before the server went down and the hosting supplier again blocked us was this: – – [17/Mar/2016:14:51:27 +0000] “GET /?affiliates=243 HTTP/1.1″ 302 11 – – [17/Mar/2016:14:51:28 +0000] “GET /?affiliates=243 HTTP/1.1″ 302 11 – – [17/Mar/2016:14:51:28 +0000] “GET /?affiliates=243 HTTP/1.1″ 302 11 – – [17/Mar/2016:14:51:28 +0000] “GET /?affiliates=243 HTTP/1.1″ 302 11
And the list goes on….

So if affiliate user with nr 243 would email me so we could check where this is coming from.

Thanks for your understanding!

With regards



Back online again! :)

Some info about what happened

Hello my friends!

We are finally back online again!

I have fixed all transactions so they are in synk now.

Also I have added some really good prices in the shop to say I´m sorry for what happened.

And this is what happened:

Last evening our server hosting supplier sent us this in their system that we didn’t se until this morning:
Breach of Service Policy – Disconnection server 


Due to breaches of our Terms and Policies by your server,  we have to block this server. Your server will remain offline until you respond to this notice, thereby enabling us to resolve this violation by other means. We regret that we had to take this action to fulfill our responsibilities to protect others from this violation. You will receive the evidence shortly over the ticket system in your panel. Please respond to this notice and assist us in finding another way to resolve this violation, so that we can continue to serve you as our customer.

According to our policy, abuse issues are legal reasons for the disconnection of service.

Please note once again that only replies containing the full correspondence on this matter will be acknowledged and processed. This is our final communication on this matter until and unless we receive your response.

(Note that this e-mail address is intended only for mailing, and not for the receipt of e-mails.)

Kind Regards ABUSE-Department

We responded direct in the morning but we didn’t get any answer what it was, I called them several times but only got the answer to wait for the answer from the tech guys to respond to the ticket!

Finally we got this:

Your server was blocked by our Systems Administrator for causing high load and instability on the hostsystem. This is against our Terms and Conditions. Please correct the issue or your vserver maybe blocked again. You may also consider migrating to a dedicated server where this issue would not happen again. Your vserver has been unblocked.

As you know we have been having some problems with the server and that it has been overloaded from time to time and that is what they blocked it for now.

We will start planing to migrate the server now to an dedicated server.

Again really sorry for this!

With regards



One year of mining at

Lottery and new coupon! 

Hello my friends!

I would like to celebrate one year of mining at since we first started the miners in February 2015 :)

And the best way to do that is with a fun lottery for you to be able to win :)

Also with some extra discounts by using coupon ms20 that will give you 20% discount on the 10, 50 and 100 packs of VIP Shares in the shop :)

The Lottery works like this:

This time you will be able to win 3 x 100 pack of VIP S7 Mining Shares

We will draw 3 numbers that has the chance to win One 100 pack of VIP S7 share and if you are really lucky you could win all three of them to your account :)

If your order wins and it is paid with crypto then you will get an extra 25% to your account!

It works like this:
Every order for a pack of 10 VIP S7 Shares gives you 1 number.
If you buy a pack of 50 VIP S7 Share you get 7 numbers
And if you buy a pack of 100 VIP S7 Shares get 15 numbers

The lottery and coupon is running for the rest of February month :)

Also some info:

I would also like to apologize for low responses to the Support tickets, 9 of 10 tickets would never had been needed to have been sent it the user would have read the FAQ so if you have a question, please check FAQ first.

I also get a lot of email with suggestions on what to do about things and I do read them and think of them for the future but I don’t always have time to answer them.

A frequent question is how do I calculate ROI?
One mining share is 1 GH of mining power, take the amount of mining shares multiply that with the value on the payout page  X  bitcoin price then you have your earning per day.

Why do I get locked out? Well the site is very sensitive against wrong password and can also look you out if the computer is a bit stupid sometimes but just wait and you will get into the site again after the time or if I have time to unlock you before. It is to protect your account and you.

I have made an order with Bonus shares, why does it take long time to process? I process all bonus orders manually to check that they are correct and I try to do that but sometimes it takes some time for me to get it done.

Bonus Share? How much are they worth and how do I use them? Each share is worth 0.05 USD and can be used when you checkout in the shop if you have enough of them.

Can I buy share with my balance? No you can not do that as the system works now so you need to withdraw and then reinvest in shares.

Well that was some of the questions but please use the FAQ on the site :)

VIP Share, when will we know the result? We closes the books on the last of March and when accountants are done we will know the result after that :)

And now make sure you don’t miss out on your lottery numbers!

With regards



Hello my friends!

This is the last day of the Christmas Sales so don’t miss the opportunity to get really good deals on your VIP Shares today!

10 VIP S7 Shares
50 VIP S7 Share
100 VIP S7 Shares

We now have 2 winners for the Christmas Lottery! :)

The winners are order nr 5306 that was paid with bitcoin and gets 125 S7 VIP Shares to the users account and order 5235 that was paid with PayPal and gets 100 S7 VIP Shares to the users account!

Congratulations to the winners! You have now the shares on your accounts!

With regards



Hello my friends!

Let´s have some Christmas fun! :)

This time you will be able to win 2 x 100 pack of VIP S7 Mining Shares!

We will draw 2 numbers that has the chance to win 1 100 pack of VIP S7 share and if you are really lucky you could win both of them to your account :)

If your order wins and it is paid with Crypto then you will get an extra 25% to your account!

It works like this:
Every order for a pack of 10 VIP S7 Shares gives you 1 number.
If you buy a pack of 50 VIP S7 Share you get 7 numbers
And if you buy a pack of 100 VIP S7 Shares you get 15 numbers

The lottery runs for the rest of this year and starts with all orders done from the 20:th of December ! :)

Make sure to get your shares today so you don’t miss out on the chance to win BIG! :)

With regards




Hello my friends!

The Lottery winners are now drawn after a bit of delay (sorry for that)

The winners are the following:

1:th prize:                                           Order nr 4223

2:nd prize:                                          Order nr 4148

3:d prize:                                             Order nr 3964

Bonus prize for order with crypto:                       Order nr 4082

All winners have their new shares in their accounts and has also been notified by email

Keep your eyes out for some Christmas fun! :)

With regards




Welcome to Black Friday at!

Now Black Friday is at and you will find really nice prices on VIP Shares in the shop!

Check out

10 S7 VIP Pack at

50 S7 VIP Pack at

100 S7 VIP Pack at

also Get Your own Hosted Miner

And don’t forget the Lottery! :)

Let´s Go Crypto!

with regards



As you probably already know we have started a new lottery and I have got a lot of questions about both coupon MS-15 and if I will give out extra share on usernames somewhere in the shop as we did last time.

So this is what we do:

I will post usernames that have S7 VIP shares in their accounts somewhere in the products in the shop. If you find your name there, please send me an email and I will give you 5 S7 VIP Shares to your account. BUT You need to email me to be able to win.

Also I have from now added a time limited coupon MS-15 for you to use so don’t miss the chans to use it.


Hello my friends!

New Lottery at Mining Sweden :) and more chances if you buy using bitcoin!

It works like this:

Every order for a pack of 10 VIP S7 Shares gives you 1 number in the big lottery that will be drawn on the last this month.

If you buy a pack of 50 VIP S7 Share you get 7 numbers

And if you buy a pack of 100 VIP S7 Shares get 15 numbers

Extra with Bitcoin?
If your order that gives you a lottery number is with Bitcoin you will be in an extra draw for 25 VIP S7 Share Pack!

And What can you win?

1th prize is 100 VIP S7 Share pack
2nd prize is 50 VIP S7 Share pack
3:d prize is 25 VIP S7 Share pack

+ 25 VIP S7 Share pack if order is with bitcoin

The lottery starts now 17/11/15 so go get your VIP S7 packs and have the chance to win a nice big pack!

Also checkout and get your own hosted S5 miner with hosting for 6 month included in the price!

P.S. Don’t tell anyone but MS10 coupon gives you 10% off on the VIP Shares 😉

With regards



Lottery winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

Hello My friends!

Finally the draw for the lottery is made :)

The winners are presented with their order numbers and I have already sent the shares to the users accounts.

1:th prize of 100 S7 VIP Shares is order nr: 3348
2:nd prize of 50 S7 VIP Shares is order nr: 3366
3:d prize of 25 S7 VIP Shares is order nr: 3277

Have a nice weekend now! :)

Now all S7 Shares has been transfered to your accounts :)



Hello my friends!

Now it is time for some fun Lottery again at Mining Sweden J

It works like this:

There is 2 parts of this lottery

The first part is for you to login to everyday and check if your username is posted in the text of any of the products in the shop.

If it is please send me an email and you are the winner of 5 VIP S7 Shares that I will send to your account. BUT You need to have at least 1 VIP S7 shares in your account to win.

Then for the second part:

Every order for a pack of 10 VIP S7 Shares  gives you one number in the big lottery that will be drawn on the last this month.

If you buy a pack of 50 VIP S7 Share you get 7 numbers

And if you buy a pack of 100 VIP S7 Shares you get 15 numbers

And What can you win?

1th prize is 100 VIP S7 Share pack

2nd prize is 50 VIP S7 Share pack

3:d prize is 25 VIP S7 Share pack

The lottery starts now so go get your VIP S7 packs and have the chance to win a nice big pack!

AND keep an eye in the shop for your username to win the small packs!

Also checkout and get your own hosted S5 miner with hosting for 6 month included in the price!

We hope to get the new S7 miners next week and have them online and then we will start sending you the payouts from them.

With regards



Next generation Miners at MiningSweden
Soon running in the farm!


Hello my friends!
Now they are finally on the market!

The new miners with much lower power consumption.
The new Antminers S7 with the 0.25kw per GH and the Spondoolies SP50 with only 0.15kw per GH.

We are now releasing the first products in the shop for the S7 miners that we expect to get in the middle of this month. That means that your orders will not be activated until we have them online as stated in the products.

So I´m releasing 2 products first:

The VIP pack in the shop gets you 1 VIP share and 10 GH S7 Mining shares

Only S7 Mining Shares in pack of 20 GH

So make sure to get you new S7 Mining Shares in the shop Now!

With regards

Updating some pics from the farm

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Newsletter 201520 –

Hello my friends!

We have now managed to get all VIP+ shares out of stock and meaning that I will be ordering new Miners to bring the farm to 100 TH! :)
I will make arrangements for the order and will send it of the coming week :)

All transactions will be shown as before and I will also post pictures from installation of the new miners :)

And if you haven’t seen any pictures or videos from Mining Sweden before, please visit and you will find it :)

What is up next?

Well the next goal is another 50 TH of miners so get your VIP Shares at

And to celebrate that we now are getting to 100 TH I will ad an extra 20% of miningpower into the VIP Shares for the coming week. And also if you get more then 15 VIP shares you will get a MiningSweden VIP t-shirt (I have not collected sizes yet from the last t-shirt run but will do so soon).

We are working with to add some really nice features on the site and if you haven’t signed up for their wallet do so at (it supports MiningSweden) and be ready for the new features that will come soon as the developers are done connecting the systems :)

We are also working with our own MS Pool that you will be able to use your own miners too mine in.

Also we hope that the next generation miners will be on the market soon so we can start using them getting a much better ROI for you, we have created a miningplatform with infrastructure in place and site running. So we are prepared to be around for a long time!

The Swedish government is looking in to the possibility to lower the cost for Datacenter in Sweden with about 30%, a decision they hopefully will make in about 6 month. This decision will make a huge impact on our company profit making it possible to get an even better ROI of our miners.

And the best thing last!

Book a trip to Sweden on the 22nd of August 2015, we are having a barbecue party then in Boden so you can visit the site and see the farm. I´m also working on to see if we can visit the hydroelectric plant that powers the site with 100% clean power. Also going to see if it is possible to visit KNC and Facebook datacenter but that I don’t know yet if they will let us in since there is high security to get in there. But I will try.

So get your VIP shares today and be a VIP at
coupon: ms10

with regards


Welcome to Mining Sweden Node!

Mining Sweden has now signed a deal with Hydro66 concerning our mining node.

We will be placed in Hydro66 datacenter in Boden where we can grow our farm as large as we want. The site is 300 meter from KNC mining farm.

From now we will start having openhouse for you to be able to visit us in Boden and see the farm in action. We will also start planning a launch party in August/September and will invite you all to join us :)

The site has redundant power sources from hydroelectric plants, high efficient cooling of the farm, Security and firesafety, generator electric backup.

We will start installing the farm at the site 15 April 2015.

We will be able to provide you with collocations services with prices as low as 75$ kw per month on long contracts.

Welcome and visit us in Boden, Sweden

With regards


Bringing Mining Sweden to 45 TH

Hello my friends,

We have just placed an order for 30 TH of Antminers S5 that will bring our farm up to about 45 TH when we get them online.

To celibrate this we run the coupon: ms15 with 15% discount on the shares the rest of this week.
So get your shares at

And as an extra this weeks payments will be 20% extra on the normal payouts.

Also we are working on a solution for payouts per hour that you can withdraw when you want to.

We will NOT have the option to automatic rebuy new shares since we belive that you should take out your earnings and think about how to use it. You are welcome to invest more but we think you really should make an active choice for it.

Let’s go crypto! – Mining Sweden

With regards
Mining Sweden


Introduction our first reseller

We have now been testing as a reseller for some time now 
and as they now has reached around sold 1000VIP Shares.
He is the official First Reseller from

We now accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Paycoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Feathercoin and Vertcoin!

This is how you should calculate ROI with the VIP shares at



I´ll try to explain why VIP shares give you more then a quick ROI

The price of a VIP share is $8.79 of this 10% is normally going to you
as an affiliate and also there is normally a 10% coupon on the price.

Already the price is down to $7 per VIP share.

If you are an affiliate you can also make 10% of all affiliate
business you promote for us giving you cash in your hand. A 50 pack of
VIP shares give you about $39.55 in affiliate with some discount for
the investor.

What do you now get for the $7?

You get 5 x 1 GH mining shares = $ 0.69 per share x 5 = $ 3.45 that
pays with todays value (2015-03-02) for 1 year $ 4.97

So now we are at about $ 2 and what do you get for that?

Well you get a share of 25% of the company profit for as long as we
are running the business.

Lets look at our start-up example: When we are at the first PH of
miners then our total VIP shares are equal to 0.5 PH. That means that
the company is mining with 0.5 PH for the company profit.
0.5 PH is worth about $496.000 in mining bitcoins with todays
(2015-03-02) value.
25% of this is $ 124.000.
You have 1/100.000 of that with your VIP share making it worth about $ 1.24.

So now we have $ 0.76 left of your initial investment in your VIP
share that you haven’t been paid for.

Well do you think we will stop with 1 PH? No, we will not. We will
reinvest a lot of our profit into the business and mining, making you
even more money. and there will be a next year and a next year after
We will also offer you as a VIP good deals on mining shares in the future.

We will try to get other mining companies to use our facilities so we
host them making you as a VIP share holder more money.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and we want to build
a solid and stable platform for it to be mined on with your help also
making you money on both your VIP share and your future mining shares.
We want to provide a mining company that you know exists and you can
visit if you want.

But we need your help so please invest in the VIP shares so we can
build the farm as we have planed together with you.

If you got questions please email me at [email protected]

With regards
Mining Sweden LLC

*all calculations are estimates and can be changed and should only be
used as a guideline how to calculate with the VIP Shares. You should
also make your own estimates for the investment.

Some info and a video from the first miners at Mining Sweden

Hello everyone,

As you all probably know, we are setting up a mining business from
scratch.  This is because we got tired of all the problems on the
market with scams and Ponzi schemes.

Our ambition is to provide you with a transparent mining business
where you can follow us in what we do.  We will never sell more
capacity then we have.  This is a guarantee! We will never sell more
hash power than we have miners for.

You have all asked when will we start mining, what will be the profits
from mining, and when will we start payouts?

We started our first miners today and you will see in the link below a
film showing the first miners coming online and mining.

We are still adjusting settings on the the miners in order to have
them mine as efficiently as possible.

We plan to make our first payout on Friday the 20 February 2015. 

This is how our farm will grow with your help.

We now have 5.1 TH of hashing power. This means that we can sell about
1000 VIP Shares. That will be used to buy another 34 TH, at which
point a stock of about 6800 VIP Shares will be release. The next order
will be for about 224 TH giving us a total of about 262 TH at that
moment.  This will continue until we reach 1 PH.

We have announced to use S5 miners but we are always looking for
better miners to have the maximum performance to cost ratio.

Where is the Farm?

The first 5.1 TH, for the moment, is hosted in Croatia as one of
founding members is from there.

The next 34 TH that will come online will be located in our 250 sqm
datacentre in Lycksele, Sweden. This location will be used until the
farm is too big to host all the miners. This will keep cost down since
we can rent part of that location until we have the whole 250 sqm.

For now, there is no good excuse to rent a ”bunker” of 900 sqm for the
first 34 TH and not even for the next set of miners after that.  When
we get closer to 1 PH we will need the ”bunker”.

Why do we call it the bunker?

The site of 900 sqm is 2 stories underground encased in massive

When will Payouts be?

We will start with payouts on a weekly basis every Friday. Currently,
we are working on a solution for daily payouts.

With regards
Mining Sweden

Mining Sweden, The result of an investigation :) Please read!



Mining Sweden was reported to a site www. Their moto is ”The webs most comprehensive resourse for Cryptocurrency Badsites and Bad Investments. Check our Badlist, and feel free to ask us. We help you stay safe in the Crypto World”

They wanted to know if we were a new fraud/ponzi site and wanted to investigate us. The gave us a lot of questions to answer and to provide information to them about our business to verify us as ither a fraud to ad to their list or as a legit business that is actually doing what we say we are doing and that it is for real.

The answer to their investigation you can read below, you can also contact them if you have any questions about us to [email protected]

Thanks Tommy.


Your site was brought to our attention by an interested party, and we are duty bound to look into it.

We’re now very satisfied that you intend to do this right. There are so many that don’t, that it is hard for investors to know who to trust.

Even with the best intentions, things can still go wrong, and we accept that that will always be true in any business, but your intent to try to get it right is apparent.

I hope you appreciate that our aim is to try to clear a path for the good actors, and for bitcoin to shed the rotten image it currently has. We can’t predict the future, and we appreciate that you can’t predict it either, so fingers crossed it all goes well.

You are welcome to mention that we are satisfied with the intentions of your project, it isn’t something we directly display on our website, but if anybody enquires, we will confirm this.

Good luck with venture – we’ll get back to catching the crooked schemes before they rob too many people.

Regards – ViK
Project Lead.


Thanks for your time reading this information. Visit us at and get your VIP share now.

With regards

Mining Sweden
[email protected]

Mining Sweden Official Announcement!


Hello, We are MiningSweden,
a cloud mining company located in Lycksele, Sweden.
Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to start mining BitCoin and to
provide as much transparency as possible to gain
and, most importantly keep, the trust of our customers!

Our plan is to finance the first 500,000 GH/s of the original farm
size of 1PH/s by selling VIP shares to costumers.
Mining equipment will be purchased as soon as funds become available.
In other words, we will not wait for all the initial funding of the
500 000 GH/s in order to buy miners. Why, you may ask?
Simple! We find it more efficient to get the mining equipment up and
running ASAP, piece by piece, because of the difficulty changes and
the price fluctuations in BTC.

We have access to cheap electricity, so we are able to use that to our
advantage. Furthermore, for the first PetaHash, all costs are included
for a 1 year contract.
After the 1 year contract ends there will be 2 alternative options to
1. Keep the hashrate at current hardware and pay for electricity for
another year.

2. Upgrade to newer hardware at a discount, which then would have
again all costs included for the upcoming year.

The startup plan:

There will be a total of 100,000 VIP* shares available.
There will be a total of 500,000 Mining** shares available at start.
Each VIP share will represent 5 Mining shares and will be entitled to
their portion of the equivalent of 25% of the company’s Annual profit.

Each Mining share will represent 1 GH/s of BTC mining hashrate, having us start with 500,000 GH/s. The other 500,000 GH/s will be kept for the company’s mining for future development and investment.

*VIP shares: one time shares which entitles the customer to mining
power as well as % of the total company profits at the end of every year.
**Mining shares: entitles the customer with mining power.

The future:

After the successful startup, there will be no more VIP shares
available. From that point on, we will only sell Mining shares a.k.a.
mining power.
These will again have all costs for 1 year included.
We plan to provide miner hosting in our DataCentre as we will have
fixed, cheap, electric rates and low cooling costs.

As far as transparency goes, everyone is welcome to schedule a visit
to check the farm out.

Photos and videos of the farm will be available on the website as we
put assemble everything.

We will be happy to take calls and questions onto

E-mail – [email protected]
Skype – miningsweden
Phone call – +46 90 695 43 00
Twitter – @MiningSweden
Working time (Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00 GMT +1).

We are looking for the best miners on the market and are actively
pursuing the idea of developing our own miners.

Be a part of the future, a part of today, right now. Join us at