Is the farm for real?

Yes, for every 1 GH that is possible to invest in, there will be 1 GH.
No bullshit or promises of 2 week ROI or the NEXT BIG THING.

This is the real thing with existing miners and actual income.

When will you start Mining?

We plan to start mining from 16:th Feb 2015 and will make our first payout in that week.

There is Bonus shares in my account. How can I use them?

Every Bonus share is Worth 0.05$ and when you have enough of them you can use them to buy new share in the shop.
A checkout option will be shown when you have enough to pay for your order with them.

Do you payout per day or per week?

Our system payout every hour and you can withdraw funds from your account as soon as there is funds in your account.

How do I change my Payout adress?

If click on your username up in the right corner you will come to your profile page.
Under the pic you will find “Edit”, click on it and then you will be able to change your Payout adress.

I´m investing in VIP Shares, How do you make your money?

  • Mining is our main income from the farm
  • Hosting other miner and companies equipment in our datacenter
  • Crypto Currency Trading – Not Active yet
  • Comming – Mining Pool

I´m investing in VIP Share, How much of the company profit will I take part of?

You will take part of 25% from the company profit and your total share will be the number of VIP shares you own split with the total of  VIP shares.

What Hardware are you using?

Our first 1 PH will be Antminers S5 and we are always looking for better hardware for our farm. We are also looking into developing our own miners for the farm

I want to invest in Shares, What can I pay with?

We accept Bitcoin, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

I want to invest in Shares, Why is Single share not sold yet?

We will sell the VIP share first to setup our farm with 1 PH and for that we need to sell the VIP share first. When They are sold our Farm is up and running and we will also release the singel shares to be sold.

I want to invest in Shares, can I sell them?

When we have sold all VIP shares we will setup a market for both VIP shares and Singel share to be bought and sold. The system will provide a safe solution with an escrow solution that prevent people to be frauded of their shares and money.

I want to invest in Shares, What is the VIP Share?

If you buy a VIP share you will get 5 singel share of 1 GH per share, You will also get a part of the company profit.

I want to invest in Shares, What is Personal Shares?

If you buy a Personal Share package you will get your own plats on one of the miners with your name or what you want on the plate. If you buy a Personal VIP Share you will have a plate of gold with your name on.

I want to invest in Shares, How often does it payout?

We are working on a solution that pays daily to your wallet within the system and then you can withdraw or re invest in new shares when there is share available or if you want to buy from an other member.


When you register for our affiliate you will make money when promoting our mining and you will get payed when the person use your affiliate code to invest in our share.

For the moment we will payout the affiliate once a week but will make it automated in time.
The affiliate link is only valid for 7 Days, then the user needs to click one more time for you to get the affiliate credited to your account.

Bonus Credits

When you invest in share you will collect Bonus Credits that you can use to invest in new shares.


If you have any problem on the site or in the system you submit a support ticket to us and we will take care of the problem as soon as possible.


We add more FAQ as they come in :)