Bitcoin Mining

Our objective is to provide a mining solution to investors that are looking for a solution where the miners really exist and where there ist still profitable to mine since there is the high electricity costs that are the problems for the mining businesses to run in certain places around the world.

As we get investors for our VIP Shares we will start bringing in the miners to our MS Node and we will also show this when it happens by providing you all with pictures and information about the process.

We will not sell a GH that doesn´t excist and we will not promise you the next big thing.

We will only sell and provide services that we can stand behind and provide you with.

When we have investors for all our company shares we will have 1 PH of mining power in our farm.
50% will be our investors as Mining Shares and 50% will be for the company giving us a platform to develope our capital base and also develope our other services to provide our investors a good return on their VIP Share that they have invested in.